General money saving tips

With the cost of living increasing, it’s important to be savvy with the way you’re spending money. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save money.

Review your contracts

Our contracts are a monthly drain on our bank account. Whilst it is currently difficult to get cheaper electricity and gas contracts, you can review other contracts like your broadband and mobile phones.

Check how long is left on each contract and whether there are cheaper options available. For example switching mobile phone providers so you can get a cheaper contract.

Switching to a SIM-only contract whilst using your current phone is a good way to cut monthly costs.

Price comparison sites like Carphone Warehouse, Money Supermarket, Uswitch or Comparethemarket can help you find cheaper deals on mobile or broadband contracts.

Review your subscriptions

We often subscribe to things and forget about them long after we stop using them. Go through your bank accounts and look at every subscription going out and ask yourself if you use it and whether you need it in your daily life.

Make use of discounts, workplace benefits and cashback offers

Make the most of loyalty card points, credit card cashback offers or some workplace benefits that give you special offers.

Take part in trials and studies

Did you know that you can often make money by participating in trials and studies. You can sign up at websites such as Trials4Us or YouGov.

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