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Business masterclasses

Virtual meeting

Access our free, expert led advice and guidance webinars available on Tower Hamlets YouTube channel.

These webinars, ranging from getting your offline business online to understanding your Intellectual Property Rights. Please view the complete series of Business Masterclasses.


How to build a powerful digital content strategy

Valentine Del Guidice Co-founder at SSSHAKE guides you on how to create an effective digital content strategy for your business.

Watch: How to Build a Powerful Digital Content Strategy

Boost your christmas sales

Andrew Brisbin and Alexander Potter from Allia share gems on how to boost sales over the festive period.

Watch: Boost your Christmas sales

Bring your offline business online

Diane Mensah from Enterprise Nation gives business owners tips on how to make the transition online.

Watch: Bring your Offline Business Online

Introduction to digital markerting

Barri Coen from Mastersome covers all the tips and tricks in the world of Digital Marketing that can benefit your business

Watch: Introduction to Digital Markerting

Social media for small business owners

Social media specialist Clare Taylor shares advice on how to build and use social media effectively

Watch: Social Media for Small Business Owners

How to sell on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular websites in the world. Zamir Cajee will show you how to sell your products to a global audience

Watch: How to Sell on Amazon

Getting fit to supply

Rachel Widdows from Building Legacies gives advice on tenders and bidding for contracts

Watch: Getting Fit to Supply

An introduction to intellectual property law

Pauliina Ketonen and Guilherme Piedade from qLegal breakdown the meaning of Intellectual Property. They also cover your rights with regards to copyrights, trademarks, patents and more. qLegal is an award winning law clinic at Queen Mary University of London, providing pro bono.

Watch: An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

HR essentials for small business owners

Own a small business? Get tips on what you need to develop and grow your business.

Watch:HR Essentials for Small Business Owners

9 steps to get funding ready

Investor connected share insight on how to make your business look appealing to investors.

Watch: 9 Steps to Get Funding Ready

5 steps to becoming a pro business networker

Beatrice Freeman from Personal Connection share hints and tips on how to bolster your business through networking.

Watch: 5 Steps to Becoming a Pro Business Networker

The power of mindset

Alexandra Archer, Enterprise Associate at NatWest shares insight into the power of mindset and how it can benefit you and your business.

Watch: The Power of Mindset

Using the carbon footprint tool

David Esdaile takes you through a step by step guide in completing a carbon footprint tool to understand your carbon emissions and shares advice and steps on reducing your carbon footprint.

Watch: Using The Carbon Footprint Tool

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