Personal Injury Claims Portal Information (for the attention of solicitors)

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is registered as a compensator for the purposes of the MOJ Claims Portal. If you are a solicitor representing a claimant and wish to issue a claim against us, please submit the claim directly by selecting us as the defendant/compensator. Our Portal ID is G00289.

For further assistance please contact our Insurance team on 020 7364 6568.

If your claim is not responded to via our claims portal, please submit a copy of the CNF via email/postal to the contact addresses

  • You should include any supporting evidence which may be required by our claims team to investigate further
  • Images of the alleged defect/landmarks, for e.g. house no, shop name in the vicinity of the incident location. 

Public liability claims

We have a duty to investigate and prevent any fraudulent claims/activities. Prior to submitting your claim to us, please ensure the alleged incident location is within the responsibility/management of the council. You may be asked to submit evidence to back up your alleged claim.

Leasehold insurance schedules

To request for a copy of your buildings insurance policy, please contact our Insurance Team. Contact details are at the end of this page. For any leasehold property queries which do not relate to insurance, please visit the Tower Hamlets Homes leaseholders.

Housing claims

Please contact Tower Hamlets Homes for advice if you are looking to recover any losses from damage to your home, you should contact Tower Hamlets Homes for advice and guidance.

Building insurance claims (leaseholders only)

Leaseholders looking to claim for building damage consequent of an insured peril can claim on their buildings insurance policy.

Find out more by visiting the building insurance page or contact our insurance team for further guidance.

Policy documents

Please make requests for policy documents to the insurance section. Contact details are noted at the bottom of the page. For any leasehold property queries which do not relate to Insurance, please visit the Tower Hamlets Homes leaseholders.

Home contents insurance 

Please contact your contents insurance provider for any home contents insurance claims. If this is Crystal Insurance please call 0345 450 7286 or email

If you wish to obtain home contents insurance cover for your home possessions, you can obtain this via one of our approved insurers. For more information please visit the Home Contents Insurance Scheme.

Get in touch with our Insurance team

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets Town Hall
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Tel: 020 364 6568