The research team offers advice and guidance about research related topics. The Census geography guidance is the first of our briefings to discuss common methodological problems and data issues.

The guide gives a brief overview of the main census geographical units that are available to users of census data. The focus is on what is known as the ‘statistical hierarchy’ (which may be unfamiliar to some), how the units apply to the borough, how they relate to one another, and also relate to the more familiar geographies (i.e. wards).

This guide also covers the changes that have been made to the available geographical units between the 2001 and 2011 census to accommodate population change, and provides a lookup table for aggregating 2001 and 2011 census data to a common geography for comparability.

If you are looking to access raw data and recommended data tools access the data or data tools section.


Research Governance Framework

Anyone wanting to conduct research in Tower Hamlets using Tower Hamlets service users  needs to complete and submit an RGF Research proposal application  form  for approval . Further details including application forms and guidance  can be found  on the Research Governance Framework pages.