Data tools

The research team has produced an easy to use tool based on Census 2011 data. The tool allows users to extract the size of the Tower Hamlets population broken down by specific age and ethnic groups.

Population by age tool

Select your preferred age group and extract the size of the group by gender and ethnicity.

GIS mapping tool

The Tower Hamlets GIS team provides a mapping tool for residents to access information about local services including Environment and Planning, Health and Social Services, schools and more.

The tool can be accessed on the find your local services page.

External tools

The following external tools are often used by researchers in the council and allow access to a wide range of data. 

Office for National Statistics (ONS): Age structure of Local Authorities tool - compare the age structure of any local authority in the country.

GLA Ward Profiles

The Greater London Authority (GLA) offer a ward profile tool, displaying a large amount of data for multiple geographies, in one place.

These profiles provide a summary of demographic and related data for each ward in the borough. The profiles are designed to provide an overview of the population in each area by combining a range of data on the population, diversity, households, life expectancy, housing, crime, benefits, land use, deprivation, and employment.

DWP data tool

This data tool allows access to DWP benefit data including housing benefit and national insurance number registration data by various geographies.

ONS JSA Claimant Count tool

Find out about the number of unemployed people claiming Jobs Seekers Allowance.


If you are looking for additional raw data and methodological guidance documents visit the data section and guidance sections.