Emergency evacuation

In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to evacuate you and your family from your home. If you are required to do so please act as quickly as possible. The Tower Hamlets Civil Protection Unit will work closely with the emergency services to keep you informed as information becomes available.

The Civil Protection Unit will work together with your landlord to set up a temporary rest centre if required. Tower Hamlets has a pool of fully trained staff to cater for your needs while in the rest centre. Please inform the authorities at the scene if you do not wish to attend the rest centre, this will ensure you and your family are accounted for.

In the unlikely event that you are required to evacuate, if it does not delay you unduly it would be worthwhile to bring some essentials with you. This may include:

  • Medication
  • Money
  • Baby nappies (if required)
  • Baby food  (if required)
  • Mobile phone
  • Glasses
  • Keys.

The emergency services will look to resolve the situation as soon as possible to get you back to your property. Please be patient during this stressful time.

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