Emergency evacuation

You may have to evacuate your home for a variety of reasons. It may be a good idea to help you and your family by taking a few simple precautions:

In advance why not:

  • Keep contact phone numbers of your family and friends handy
  • Know where to find passports, insurance papers, bank/credit cards
  • Make sure you know how to make your gas,water and electrical supplies safe
  • Have a torch to hand (with spare batteries)
  • Have a battery powered or wind up radio available (with spare batteries)
  • Keep and maintain a first aid kit

On the day, bring:

  • Your medicines, glasses, wallet and bank card

If you have babies and young children prepare

  • a bag containing nappies, feeds and a warm blanket
  • A change of clothes for children (is useful) and a favourite toy
  • A charger for your mobile phone

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