The Environment Agency operates a flood warning system, providing information to the public, media, emergency services and local authorities.

If flooding is forecast, warnings are issued using a set of four codes: These are as follows:

  • Flood Alert - flooding is possible. Be prepared!
  • Flood Warning - flooding is expected. Immediate action required
  • Severe Flood Warning - severe flooding. Danger to life
  • Warning no Longer in Force- Flood warnings and flood alerts have been removed in the last 24 hours.

When there is a risk of flooding the Agency issues warnings through the media. These are broadcast on TV weather bulletins and on radio weather and travel reports. Make sure you listen out for broadcasts on your local radio station.

The Environment Agency provides the Floodline Service (0845 988 1188). You can listen to recorded flood warning information or speak to an operator for general information and advice 24 hours a day.

What does the council do?

The council’s duty is as follows:

  • The council has no legal responsibility to provide assistance to residents during times of flood, however the council has provided emergency assistance on an ad hoc basis dependent upon local knowledge and experience of the situation
  • The council will provide general engineering advice on ways in which residents can alleviate the risk of flooding to their properties
  • The council will assist with the dissemination of Environment Agency flood warnings where appropriate
  • Very serious flooding resulting in the need for evacuation of houses, provision of temporary accommodation and the like is included in the council's Civil Emergency Plan.

View the council's Flood Guidance document.

For more information on the current flooding situation, visit the Environment Agency website.