Information about councillors

Councillor surgeries

Councillor advice surgeries are available to the public who want to obtain information and advice, make a complaint or enquire about council services.

Councillors surgeries are held in each ward.  For specific surgery details select your ward Councillor or the Councillor you wish to see.

Code of Conduct for Members and declaration of interests

The council has agreed arrangements for dealing with complaints of alleged breach of the Code against Councillors (Members of the council).

These arrangements are in Appendix A to the Members Code of Conduct (set out in Part C of the Council’s Constitution).

Any complaints are dealt with by the council’s Monitoring Officer and the Standards (Advisory) Committee.

If you wish to complain that the Mayor, a councillor or a co-opted member has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct, you will need to complete a complaint form.

Please note that your complaint cannot be accepted if you do not complete the form.

If you have a disability that prevents you from completing the online form, please  let us know  by emailing or telephone the Monitoring Officer’s office on 020 7364 4800.

The breach of code of conduct flow chart shows the various stages of the Member Code of Conduct complaints process.