Technical Specifications for Arnhem Wharf Primary

The key innovative and low impact design features of the building:

The project  has a green roof  and green wall systems. The introduction of  those items will encourage and develop wildlife, specifically birdlife where, through the height and absence of predators at that level and with up to 350 m2  of grassed area, it is expected to very quickly become a natural habitat for birdlife and insects.  An consultant ecologist has been working in conjunction with Tower Habitats section and discussing their objectives for the borough, which is known to have rare bird species nesting. 

Green roofs provide a practical and effective solution towards restoring and sustaining local natural habitats and birdlife where undisturbed nesting sites can be achieved. The base plastics and rubber water retention pads are manufactured from recycled material source ensuring the product as a whole offers a complete efficient system.

Sto claddings offer significant energy savings to the building through the products high energy efficient makeup, thus preventing the release of CO2 emissions, Sto products carry environmental certificates.  

150 m2 of Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels will be installed to provide Arnhem Wharf Primary School with a suitable method of generating renewable, sustainable and efficient energy supply.

BREEAM rating and Score – BREEAM Good Score TBC

Basic Building cost - £ 2,470 /m2

Services costs - £ 472.50 / m2 

External works - 30 m2  £/m2

Gross floor area – 666.46 m2 

Total area of site – 0.7069 hectares 

Area of teaching spaces

Function areas and their size - Multi-Purpose room, Community Room 45.7 m2
Areas of circulation - 113.8 m2  m2
Areas of storage - 0 m2

Percentage area of grounds to be used by the community - 0 %

Percentage area of building to be used by the community - 13%

Steps taken during construction process to reduce environmental impacts (innovative construction management techniques)