Technical Specifications for Marner Primary

The key innovative and low impact design features of the building

Passive ventilation systems, green roof, biomass boiler, solar shading, rainwater harvesting
Basic Building cost - 2433 £/m2
Services costs - 300 £/m2
External works - 22 £/m2
Gross floor area – 1409m2

Total area of site – Construction site area 0.0967 hectares 

Function areas and their size –

Hall – 235m2

Kitchen – 95m2

Classrooms 1 - 6 – 65m2

Areas of circulation – 390m2

Areas of storage – 43.5m2

Percentage area of grounds to be used by the community - 42%

Percentage area of building to be used by the community - 18%

Steps taken during construction process to reduce environmental impacts (innovative construction management techniques)

Considerate constructors scheme, responsible sourcing of materials

A list of any social or economically sustainable measures achieved

Passive natural ventilation in all rooms possible, Biomass boiler, green roof, rainwater harvesting system and solar shading.