Commercial waste

We provide a business waste collection service, through a contract with Veolia. Prices are competitive with other business waste collection providers available in the area. The service also includes a separate collection service for mixed recyclables including mixed paper, glass bottles and jars, cardboard, plastic bottles and empty aerosols.

Wherever you work it is easy to start recycling in Tower Hamlets.  Recycling collections are cheaper than waste collections and your business will benefit by improving your green credentials.

You can have your business waste collected as frequently as you need, and the service is charged 'by the container'. Prices for recycling containers are significantly discounted – why not start separating recyclable material and reduce your waste management costs.

You must always use special trade recycling or waste sacks or bin.  You should never use household sacks or bins to dispose of commercial waste as this is illegal and could result in you being issued with a penalty. Current customers can conveniently order or pay for pre-paid sacks online.  

To order, simply go to Veolia’s bill pay page by clicking order now, log on and follow the onscreen instructions.

Once your order is completed your products will be delivered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between the hours of 8am and 7pm. The pre-paid products comprise of red sacks for general waste (in rolls of 50) lilac sacks for co-mingled recycling (in packs of 26) and stickers for bundled cardboard (in packs of 26).

For assistance or any enquiries about commercial waste services please contact Veolia on:

Tel: 020 7510 0010


60 Southern Grove
E3 4PN

Timed waste collections

In some busy areas, we operate a waste sack collection at specified times of the day in this area. These service arrangements were designed to improve the local street scene and reduce the amount of time waste/recycling were authorised for disposal.

Please see below a list of streets/roads which have timed collections instead of bins. The links provide the timed collection schedules for the streets and additional information relating to the scheme.

Clinical waste from businesses

Tower Hamlets does not provide a Commercial Clinical Waste Collection Service. If you need a specialist provider, please check with the Environment Agency for registered providers or use a listing such as the Yellow Pages or search the internet to find a provider. Always check with the Environment Agency that the company is correctly registered.

Tips on commercial business waste

Have proof handy

All businesses in Tower Hamlets have a legal duty to dispose of their waste properly. Whichever company you use to take your waste away, always make sure that you have your copy of the Commercial Waste Contract and Duty of Care Agreement on your premises as proof and tell your employees where it can be found in your absence. Trade Waste collection is not included in your Business Rates. The fixed penalty for not having valid documentation for your commercial waste is £300.

Keep containers clean 

Your container should be kept tidy and should be big enough to hold the waste you produce. Do not over-fill it and keep it in a reasonable location so that it does not create an obstruction. Do not pile waste around your container and don't allow other people to dump items or bags in the area around your business.

Get the right day

If you use sacks for your waste, then you should only put them out on the day and time that it is to be collected. Putting rubbish out at any other day and time could be considered dumping and leave you liable to an £80 fine. There are also higher penalties if cases go to court.

Keep your scene clean 

Be a responsible business, show your commitment to keeping the borough clean for everyone to enjoy. We can provide publicity materials for you to display in your business, so you can encourage your customers and residents to dispose of their litter responsibly.

It’s better to recycle

Wherever you work it is easy to start recycling Tower Hamlets.  Recycling collections are cheaper than waste collections and your business will benefit from having green credentials. Find out more on the information and quotes page.

Report a problem

Help us to keep the borough clean and safe by reporting problems with dumped rubbish (fly-tip), eyesores, fly-posting, graffiti, potholes, street cleaning, street lights to Streetline or use our online form.


Redcycling collection vehicle