Adapting homes

The council can offer advice to residents who need specialist equipment in their home to help them live independently with a disability. This may include improving safety by installing stair and grab rails, improving access through ramps, widening doors, or installing a stair-lift, or other options such as adapting a kitchen or bathroom.

The responsibility for providing these adaptations may depend on who owns your property.

The council helps disabled residents in private accommodation in applying for means tested grants to fund adaptations or special housing needs.

If a client is visually impaired, hard of hearing or has other disabilities for which he/she may need special equipment or adaptations to his/her home the local authority will provide such equipment which will assist in overcoming difficulties subject to an assessment of personal needs to determine eligibility.

Disabled facilities grant

The disabled facilities grant scheme provides financial assistance towards the cost of essential adaptation work to make a house fit for a disabled person.