Edge of Care

The Edge of Care team have a range of staff including:

  • a clinical psychologist
  • a family therapist
  • four support workers
  • an advanced practitioner worker and
  • two social workers.

We can offer individual work with children or whole family work together.

What we do

The Edge of Care team provides prevention support for children and young people (ages 11-17) on the edge of care (EoC). They are usually at imminent or potential risk of needing to become looked after.

The team also plans and supports a young person's return home. For example, if a young person was in the care of the local authority (including residential). Our plans look into how we can get them back home.

The team provides structured interventions that help families

  • develop problem-solving skills
  • build resilience
  • achieve positive, sustainable behaviour change.

We provide a rapid response to young people and families in crisis. This helps them deal with difficulties that have led to the family being at risk of breakdown. It also prevents further escalation and referral to care proceedings.

Edge of Care support by limiting the risk of children moving into care.
We are passionate about delivering solutions that improve the lives of children and families affected.