The way we work

The relationship based model

People are at the heart of the relationship based approach to learning and practice. This is fundamental to our ambition to give every child and family in Tower Hamlets the chance to be successful.

This model focuses on those in positions of authority doing things with people, rather than for or to them, showing high levels of support and challenge.

With our families

This approach provides staff with the professional confidence to use a range of language, behaviours and tools to strengthen their relationships with children, young people and families. We are committed to enabling families and our staff to work together to use a solution focused approach that leads to positive change.

With our colleagues

The implementation of relationship based practice extends beyond our work with families and is also reflected in the way we work with our colleagues. The knowledge, skills and experience of our workforce are truly valued and we aim to ensure that this is reflected in all professional interactions. 

To this end, we provide a rolling programme of training in Restorative Practice across the local authority and for health and education partners.