Starting your social work career

Social workers

One of the most important jobs for the Social Work Academy is uncovering the best talent and giving the support this needs to blossom. To help achieve that, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package and a truly people focused approach to helping you find your feet in the first few years of your career.

Getting into social work

We're committed to providing high quality and support placements to support people seeking entry routes into social work. Through our apprenticeships and the Step Up and Frontline programmes, we hope to showcase Tower Hamlets as an amazing place to learn, practice and develop, all the while inspiring professionals into social work. 

Newly qualified social workers: Steps to Success

Year 1 - ASYE

3-step graphic

  • Structured induction and 2 day shadowing opportunity
  • Reflective supervision through SWA
  • Reduced workload (volume and complexity)
  • Monthly ASYE Workshop complements other learning opportunities

Year 23-step graphic

  • Consolidation module
  • Listening circle with Principal Social Worker
  • Supported move to another team if desired
  • 1:1 Reflective supervision with SWA

Year 3

  • 3-step graphicOpportunity to buddy/mentor/offer shadowing for NQSW
  • Specialist training opportunities if completed consolidation
  • Group-coaching with Senior Manager or individual coaching
  • Specialised interest, Innovation or research Opportunity