Stop smoking support

Why quit?

Using tobacco in any form is very harmful to your health. If you smoke tobacco through a cigarette or shisha, you are at increased risk of health problems such as cancer, heart and respiratory disease. Chewing paan/betel nuts can cause oral cancer and have a significant impact on your health.

Local Stop Smoking Services

You can drop into your local pharmacy at any time or contact Quit Right Tower Hamlets for free support and advice.

Stop Smoking Services
PharmacyContact number

Ali's Pharmacy, 93 Watney Street, E1 2QE

020 7790 9150

Barkantine Pharmacy, 121 Westferry Road, E14 8JH 

020 7987 4313

Britannia Pharmacy, 80 Roman Road,  E2 0PG 

020 8981 4528

Britannia Pharmacy, Unit 9 Asda Centre, 151 East Ferry Road, E14 3BT

020 7538 3333

Britannia Pharmacy, 257-259, Poplar High Street, E14 0BE

020 7987 3493

Britannia Pharmacy, 35 Aberfeldy Street, E14 0NU

020 7537 3319

DMB Chemists, 4 Watney Street, E1 2PR

020 7790 0625

Forward Pharmacy, 648 Mile End Road, E3 4LH

020 8980 1231 

Green Light Pharmacy, St Andrew's Health Centre, 2 Hannaford Walk, E3 3FF 

020 3069 7858

Green Light Pharmacy, 115 Harford Street,  E1 4FG 

020 7790 2224

Lansbury Chemist, 85 Chrisp Road,  E14 6GG 

020 7987 1875 

Nash Chemist, 817 Commercial Road, E14 7HG

020 7987 1398

Pyramid Pharmacy, 520 Roman Road,  E3 5ES

020 8980 1473

Tower Pharmacy, 50 Wapping Lane, E1W 2RL

020 7488 9364

Quit Right Tower Hamlets

Quit Right Tower Hamlets provide stop smoking services for people who live, work or study in Tower Hamlets. A full range of free nicotine replacement products likes patches, gums and E-cigs are available to help you quit for good.

Cultural approach

Quit Right also provide culturally sensitive services for people from the Somali, South Asian and migrant communities who chew tobacco or use paan. Female advisors are available and clients can be seen one-to-one or in a group setting.

Pregnant women and those with addiction

A specialist service is available for pregnant women and those with high levels of addiction who may need extra behavioural support to break habits. This can be provided one-to-one or in a group.


Clients can self-refer or be referred through their GP practice. 

Quit Right Tower Hamlets
Health and Lifestyle Research Unit
2 Stayners Road
E1 4AH

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (weekday evening and Saturday morning appointments are also available)
Tel: 020 7882 8230

For more information please visit the NHS Choices stop smoking website.

Stop Smoking London 

Tower Hamlets residents can also call the Stop Smoking London helpline on 0300 123 1044 for free support and advice.

Visit the Stop smoking website for more infomation.