Beware of scammers

We are aware of an online scam going around on social media.

It claims to be able to make your housing application a priority and give you the right to buy after 3 years.

We only ever allocate homes according to our policy. Every application goes through a series of checks to make sure it is valid and correctly prioritised.

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Find a home for private rent

Private renting is renting a property from a private landlord. It is often the quickest way of finding somewhere to live and may be the only option available to you if you want to live in Tower Hamlets.

Lots of people choose to rent privately for the following reasons:

  • Long waiting times for council or housing association properties
  • You can choose where you want to live and the right location for schools, jobs, transport links or local services
  • Choice on how much rent to pay
  • Choice on what facilities you have (self-contained or shared) and a variety of types of homes available, e.g. apartments, houses with gardens
  • Avoid temporary accommodation with shared facilities for an uncertain period
  • Avoid furniture storage costs
  • Easy to end a tenancy if you decide to move

Listen to Terry’s story to hear about how renting privately was a great choice for him.

Finding a home

The quickest way to find a private rented property is to ask friends and family or search online. You can also check local estate agents and newsagents. Renting from a landlord or letting agent will depend on your budget and what services and location you want.

You should think about whether you want your own place or to share with others.   

You can find private rented properties available for rent on websites such as RightmoveZooplaSpare RoomGumtreeOpen RentOn the MarketFind a PropertyRoom BuddiesRoom Go

There are dedicated websites advertising private rented homes for people claiming benefits such as DSS-accepted and DSS Move.

Watch the the following clip to learn about the Ali family’s journey to finding a new home.

Financial assistance  

Living in London is expensive. To find out where you could afford to live use the  London Rents Map or House Price Calculator. The Local Housing Allowance tool helps you check how much benefit will cover local housing costs.  

If you’ve found a suitable private rented property that you can afford and are having problems with paying the deposit or upfront costs you may be able to apply for financial help.  

You can also get more details on how to find financial assistance to help you rent privately.

Advice about private renting 

When you rent privately, you and your landlord both have certain obligations under your tenancy agreement. Watch the following video find out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, or visit our private tenant FAQ.  

For further information on renting privately, you can get advice from Shelter.

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