Individuals or families moving over the Christmas Holiday

Your keys should be returned to the managing agent as they should be still open over the Christmas holiday, you should contact the managing Agent directly to find out the dates they will be open.  The Agent may tell you to leave the keys in the property.  (Please note the keys should only be left in the property if a prior arrangement has been made with the Agent).

If you are unable to return the keys to the Agent then you will need to return it to Housing Options Service before 1pm on 2 January 2019.  If your keys are not returned before 1pm on the 2 January 2019 then you will be liable for the full charge without housing benefit.

Homelessness prevention: private sector renting

An alternative to making a homeless application is considering renting accommodation through the private sector. Privately renting a property gives you, as a tenant, more control over important factors such as:

  • location
  • facilities
  • schooling
  • access to services

The Housing Options Service has a number of ways to help you into privately rented accommodation, including the rent deposit scheme, and we can provide you with details of local accommodation agencies. There are also other opportunities for getting financial assistance with paying your deposit or rent in advance.

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How to contact us

In the first instance, it is best to telephone us. We will take brief details and advise you of how we propose to deal with your situation. If you cannot telephone, then we will see you at our office.