Waste service strike

A number of Tower Hamlets Council frontline waste service workers and street cleansers will be going on strike from 18 September to 1 October due to a national pay dispute.  

Despite the council working to maintain services for residents, the strike will impact collections and cleansing across the borough. We apologise in advance for the disruption this will cause. 

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Insight 71


We have commissioned three organisations to provide unique insights into 1971.  This covers the nine month duration of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The results include local testimonies, essays and media coverage of events to provide an overview of this important era. 

  • Swadhinata Trust delve into the historical context of Bangladesh’s fight for independence. They examine the wider timeframe from Partition of India in 1947 to the recognition of Bangladesh by Great Britain in 1972.  Discover images, photographs, press cuttings and first-hand accounts. Interviews reveal local and international perspectives from the time.  

  • Brick Lane Circle analyse how several local British newspapers reported the unfolding conflict.  Discover how readers in the UK learned of the war and its outcomes as it progressed in 1971. Brick Lane Circle’s research highlights the extensive involvement in the war effort and its wider impact on UK residents. This included fundraising, lobbying and raising awareness to the British public at large. 

  • Janomot Weekly Newspaper began publishing on 21 February 1969. It is a key communication channel for Bangladeshis who have made the United Kingdom their home. Its archive spans more than half a century. This chimes with the creation of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation in 1971. Journey through their back catalogues. Explore 18 front page headlines documenting the struggles at home and abroad at this moment in time.   

Disclaimer: *The views and opinions expressed in these projects are those of the individual participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Tower Hamlets Council. 

Mirror scopeBrick Lane Circle 

British local newspapers covered the nine-month Bangladesh Liberation War daily.  Brick Lane Circle looks at some analysis and reports published during March-December 1971.  

Caption: Daily Mirror article on 31 March 1971 by Tariq Ali.  The headline reads ‘The next Vietnam?’

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Swadhinata Trust  

Peter Shore MP, Ian Mikado MP and Abdul Quddus. Others unknown. Credit: Courtesy of Julie Begum, personal collectionDelve into the historical context of Bangladesh’s fight for independence. From the partition of India in 1947 to the recognition of Bangladesh by Great Britain in 1972.  Discover images, photographs, press cuttings and first-hand accounts.    

Caption: Image with Peter Shore MP, Ian Mikardo MP and Abdul Quddus. Other people in the photo are unknown. 

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Janomot weekly newspaper 

Janomot Newspaper, issue 25. Headline reads ‘Recognise Bangladesh now. A Sea of people in Trafalgar Square demands! Image shows a very large crowd protesting in Trafalgar Square on 1 August 1971.Check out 18 front page headlines from Janomot Weekly Newspaper documenting the struggles in the UK and abroad during the1971 War of Liberation. 

Caption: Janomot Newspaper, issue 25. Headline reads ‘Recognise Bangladesh now. A very large crowd protests in Trafalgar Square on 1 August 1971. 

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