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Welcome to My Home, My Bari

I am delighted that Tower Hamlets Council has commissioned acclaimed local artist Rahemur Rahman to create a unique art installation as part of the Bangladesh@50 celebrations.

Visitors can take a step back in time with a multi-sensory art installation using smells, sights and textures to bring history to life through a representation of the living spaces of the British-Bangladeshi community around Brick Lane in 1971. The artwork is the result of a nine-month participatory project with artists, young people and local business owners.

Young people from the borough used summer workshops to create their own wallpaper which is part of the fabric of this artwork. Local business owners from the British-Bangladeshi community have shared their stories as part of the wider project. You can take a walking tour of the area around Brick Lane by following the trail of vinyl stickers or QR codes in windows to discover more about these testimonies.

There are also opportunities to hear discussions about the how the project came about, the art scene in Bangladesh, and notions of home and homeland. I am proud of the way the council is supporting an extensive and varied programme of events throughout 2021 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh.

My Home, My Bari is an innovative way to shed light on the legacy and impact of independence on the east London community, 50 years ago, and today. The installation and wider event programme is on display at the Kobi Nazul Centre in the heart of Banglatown, from Friday 26 November until Tuesday 14 December.

For the full programme listings, please visit our What’s On page or book tickets via Eventbrite.