Library membership

Joining is free

Joining your local Idea Store or library is easy and FREE. Just visit one of our Idea Stores or libraries and complete the application form for membership. You will need to provide proof of your name and address - this could be a driving licence, a medical card, a utility bill or any official communication that you have recently received. 

There is no minimum age to join your local Idea Store or library. Membership is open to anyone who has a permanent address.


You can borrow items as soon as you join and enjoy free access to the Internet and our 24 Hour Library.

You can borrow up to 12 items for three weeks including a maximum of 4 audio visual items. If items are returned late you will have to pay a fine. Books may be renewed up to 5 times if there are no outstanding reservations attached; you can renew a DVD or CD only once.

Library charges and fines

Online Catalogue

The user friendly online catalogue gives you details of all titles in stock in Tower Hamlets and our London Libraries Consortium partners.

You will find details of books, CDs, DVDs, language courses and maps.  

You can check your borrower information and renew items on loan via the Online Catalogue from the 'Personal Record' menu. You are required to log-in and will need a PIN number to do this: staff in any library or Idea Store will be pleased to provide you with your PIN number.


Discover our range of audio books and eBooks available to download from our eLibrary.