Service standards

The parks and open spaces team are committed to ensuring that parks and open spaces in the borough are of the highest standard for all residents and visitors to use and enjoy.

In order to achieve this we will ensure that:

Litter / cleansing

  • Litter is cleared daily and bins emptied daily
  • All parks and open spaces are swept twice weekly
  • Dog faeces are removed from grass areas and sport facilities daily
  • Graffiti is removed within 5 days. Racist or abuse graffiti is removed within 24 hours.

Play areas

  • Litter is cleared daily
  • Play areas are swept daily
  • All play areas are inspected regularly
  • In addition, there is an annual inspection of play areas by an independent specialist third party
  • Reported hazards to play areas or equipment which have health and safety implications are made safe immediately and repairs carried out as required.

Sports pitches

  • All sports pitches and bowling greens are regularly maintained
  • There is an annual renovation programme for all sports pitches and bowling green
  • Health and safety inspections are carried out regularly on sport pitches and bowling greens.


  • There is an annual bedding display in all main parks

Lakes and Canals

  • Lakes and canals are cleansed daily to remove surface flowing debris
  • There is a quarterly analysis of water quality is all lakes and cannels.