Park development and improvements

Maintaining Parks

The council maintains a wide variety of landscapes in parks and other green spaces. Maintenance includes keeping the grass cut, pruning shrubs, roses and hedges and maintaining the flower beds.

The parks and open space service also carry out cleaning operations to empty bins and remove litter. Sadly, a few people drop litter in parks, spoiling the enjoyment of these spaces for everyone. Dropping litter is an offence that can incur an £80 fine.

Community park rangers regularly inspect Mile End Park and Victoria Park and Streetcare Officers regularly inspect all other parks to ensure that good standards are being maintained.

We are keen to continue improving our landscaping services, so if you feel any areas could be enhanced or if you have any comments please contact us.

Currently, 11 Tower Hamlets parks hold Green Flag awards. Find out more about Green Flag parks in Tower Hamlets.

Park development

There are currently major development projects in King Edward Memorial Park and Bartlett Park - visit these pages to find out all about them and read the latest updates.  For a list of other current development projects in our parks see below.

Making Plans for the People’s Parks - Join us to help shape a vision for parks and open spaces in the South Isle of Dogs.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has commissioned architects and urban designers We Made That to develop a vision and feasibility study for key open spaces within South Isle of Dogs. The study will include a set of recommendations which will aim to enhance green spaces by addressing key challenges and celebrating community assets and local character, whilst also ensuring the parks are accessible and inclusive to all.

Come and have your say about the proposed recommendations and help us establish the priorities for improving green spaces in South Isle of Dogs.

When: Saturday 13th July 2019, 11am - 3pm

Where: Millwall Park - entrance closest to Island Gardens DLR Station

For more information contact Will from We Made That:

Telephone: 02072523400


Playground Development

We will be making improvements to a number of playgrounds over the next two years.  The first parks to undergo improvement work will be St. John's Park (Manchester Road), Stepney Green Park and Ropemakers Fields. 

Following consultation (see below), work has now started on all three sites.  All playgrounds will be closed for the duration of the work and will reopen by Monday 8 April 2019. 

View the new design for St John's

View the new design for Stepney Green

View the new design for Ropemakers Fields

Launch events to celebrate the opening of the new playgrounds.  The launch event at Stepney Green and Ropemakers's Fields Playground has now taken place.

  • St. John’s Park Playground Launch Event, 29 May, 12 - 4pm FREE Fun day for children and families


Consultation on improvements for all three playgrounds took place during October and November 2018. Read about the results of the consultation and the planned improvements here

St John’s Park Playground Consultation Overview

 In total 94 children and 62 adults contributed: the consultation team spent a day in the park, visited a local community café project, heard the views of Cubitt Town School infant and junior pupils, had parents at the school complete questionnaires and had feedback from St Johns Tenants and Residents Association.

The information collected showed that 61% of those we spoke to live within 5 mins walk from the playground, 73% visited it daily or weekly and 85% of children only visit with an adult.

 Feedback shows people like:

  • The variety of play equipment
  • The size and overall appearance of the space
  • Children like the more adventurous equipment, but also still enjoy playing on swings, roundabouts and monkey bars

 People said the things that need improving are:

  • To put fencing around the play ground
  • Replace the play surface
  • Redo the playground layout to make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children
  • Replace the play equipment, including the big slide
  • Make improvements to the mound with the slide on by using safety surface on the sides and making it easier for all children to use
  • Improve cleaning and maintenance

Stepney Green Playground Consultation

Feedback was received from 69 children and 56 adults. The team spent a day in Stepney Green, heard from parents and children at Whitehorse Adventure Playground and others visiting Stepney City Farm.

The information collected told us  that 66% spoken to live within 5 minutes walk from the playground, 80% of them visited daily or weekly and 91% of children visited with an adult

The feedback showed that

  • Children like the more adventurous play equipment, particularly the large spider net
  • People like the variety of different equipment in enclosed separate areas for the different age groups
  • They also like the playground’s size and its attractive surrounding planting

The things that need improvement include:

  • The replacement of play surface
  • Replacing the old play equipment, adding more adventurous equipment like a multi-use unit, more swings for both age groups and more for very young children like cradle swings and sprung equipment
  • Better disabled access to the playground and more play equipment suitable for children with disabilities
  • Reduce the planting between 2 play spaces to improve visibility for parents visiting with younger and older children
  • Putting more benches and tables in the playground
  • Improve maintenance of planting beds and hedges and include more flowering shrubs

Ropemakers Fields Playground Consultation Overview

The consultation had input from 52 children and 50 adults.  the Parks Team spent a day in Ropemakers Fields playground, heard the views of Cyril Jackson Primary school children and held a feedback session with their parents.

The information showed 54% of people live within 5 minutes of the playground, 60% visit daily or weekly and 66% of children always visit with an adult.

Feedback shows children and adults like the playground because:

  • It’s a good size space, with separate areas for younger and older children with pleasant surrounding greenery
  • The playground is enclosed and away from roads
  • There is play equipment for very young children

People feel things that need improving include:

  • Replacing the old equipment , adding more adventurous things for older children and most importantly a large multi use unit that would replace the castle that was removed
  • Add better equipment for younger children
  • Replacing the play surfacing
  • Create some shelter from the sun
  • More benches and tables within the play ground
  • Improved cleaning of the playground
  • Better maintenance of the area, including management of the planting beds and hedges
  • Better signage with contact details for reporting problems

Allen Gardens

Currently Feasibility Study/ Masterplan being undertaken commissioned by Brick Lane Town Centre Team.

Christ Church Gardens

Scheme to refurbish the gardens – consultation carried out in 2015. Project currently on hold.

Ford Square and Cavell Street Gardens

The council has secured funding to make improvements to both spaces. 

In Summer 2018 we carried out consultation with residents on improvements to Ford Square and Cavell Street Gardens. Over 100 people participated and completed questionnaires in response to the display boards.

Public consultation on the site design ended on 25 January 2019.   Following consultation we have designed a revised plan.  

We received comments from 34 individuals in addition to the comments we received from 124 people during the summer of 2018.  Of those commenting on the proposals in December 2018-January 2019, 24 people provided feedback on aspects of the proposals for Cavell Street Gardens which they had concerns about or did not like.  Seven of the responses commented favourably on the proposals related to Ford Square. Below is an overview of the feedback for your information.

As a result of this feedback, the Council instructed our landscape designers to rethink the designs for Cavell Street Gardens to take on board residents’ concerns. 

Residents Q & A on Revised Plan

A further consulation session took place on July 6th, 2019 

You can view the design of the revised plan here email for further information.

 We have distributed the revised design to everyone who has joined the project mailing list, and havealso fixed the new designs along with a project timetable to the park railings.  

If you would like to be added to the project mailing list please contact park.

 Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the development of plans for these sites.

Comments received by email and post during December 2018 and January 2019

The comments covered a range of issues of which the most frequently mentioned were:

  • Loss of trees and green (grass) at Cavell Street Gardens  (17 comments)
  • Introduction of bright, non natural colours at Cavell Street Gardens  (12 comments relating to colour and 10 relating to synthetic surfaces)
  • Concerns that taking away the railings (10 comments) and shrubs will increase anti-social behaviour
  • Concerns about noise (8 comments)
  • Concerns that opening Cavell Street Gardens 24 hours could attract anti-social behaviour. (7 comments). We are aware that anti-social behaviour is a significant issue in many Tower Hamlets Parks, and we are working closely with the police and other Council departments to attempt to reduce this. However, we would like residents to be aware that Cavell Street Gardens is currently not a locked site.
  • There have also been 6 residents objecting to the consultation process.

For more information please contact, call us on 020 7364 5000 and ask for the Parks and Open Spaces team, or write to Parks and Open Spaces Team, Mile End Park Play Pavilion, Locksley Street, E14 7EJ.

Jolly’s Green

New play equipment, benches and bins have been installed. An outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Meath Gardens

The parks team has worked with officers from across the council and the Friends of Meath Gardens to restore the entrance arch. 

We are working with the Friends of Meath Gardens to install a new historical interpretation panel.  Meath Gardens is a Green Flag Site.

Millwall Outer Dock

A programme of improvements to this site opposite the Docklands Sailing Centre has been carried out.  The entrance way to the site has been improved with raised planters, new bollards and attractive floor surfacing.  Work was completed in Spring 2019.

Millwall Park

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018. Millwall Park is a Green Flag site.

Paradise Gardens

Following consultation with residents in 2017, development at the north end of Paradise Gardens has been concluded and the park has been refurbished. A new shrub bed has been created, new pathways have been laid and new benches, bins and signage have been installed.

Pollard Square

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Poplar Recreation Ground

The former toilet block has recently been demolishedThe Angel Memorial to those lost in the WWI bombing of Upper North Street School has been repaired and fullly restored.  This is a Green Flag Site.

Ravenscroft Park

A circular mosaic created by artist Rachel Lichenstein with children from Thomas Buxton and St. Anne’s schools in the mid 1990s,  has been relocated from its former location in Brick Lane to Ravenscroft Park.

Ropewalk Gardens

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Shandy Park

Improvements have been made to path surfaces.  New benches and bins have been installed.  A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Sir John McDougall Gardens

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

St. John’s Park

Lighting has been installed for the tennis courts to enable use during the short winter days.  A new playground has been installed in the Spring of 2019.

St. Leonards

The council's Public Health team are working with the local community to develop activities and improve this former churchyard.

Stonebridge Wharf

Improvements have been made made to path surfaces, access, seating and bins.   We are working to develop a cultural feature in the park,  in partnership with Sir William Boroughs in School and their artist in residence.

Stoneyard Lane

Tower Hamlets College is working with LBTH and local community representatives to carry out improvements to this small park.

Warner Green

New play equipment, benches, bins and planting have been installed.

Weaver’s changing rooms

The changing rooms have recently been refurbished.


For more information about changes to parks in Tower Hamlets contact