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Park development and improvements

Maintaining Parks

The council maintains a wide variety of landscapes in parks and other green spaces. Maintenance includes keeping the grass cut, pruning shrubs, roses and hedges and maintaining the flower beds.

Council staff carry out cleaning operations to empty bins and remove litter. Sadly, a few people drop litter in parks, spoiling the enjoyment of these spaces for everyone. Dropping litter is an offence that can incur an £80 fine.

Community park rangers regularly inspect Mile End Park and Victoria Park and council officers regularly inspect all other parks to ensure that good standards are being maintained.

We are keen to continue improving our landscaping services, so if you feel any areas could be enhanced or if you have any comments please contact us.

Currently, 12 Tower Hamlets parks hold Green Flag awards. Find out more about Green Flag parks in Tower Hamlets.

Park development

There is currently a major development project in King Edward Memorial Park  visit the web page to find out all about this project and read the latest updates.   For a list of other current development projects in our parks see below.

Making Plans for the People’s Parks - shaping a vision for parks and open spaces in the south Isle of Dogs

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has commissioned architects and urban designers We Made That to develop a vision and feasibility study for key open spaces within South Isle of Dogs. The study includes a set of recommendations which aima to enhance green spaces by addressing key challenges and celebrating community assets and local character, whilst also ensuring the parks are accessible and inclusive to all. 

A public consultation took place in July 2019 and the council has now published a report with recommendations  and several appendices.

Appendix 1: urban appraisal

Appendix 2: what we have learnt from elsewhere

Appendix 3: best practice cards

Appendix 4: consultation and engagement

In the next few months the council will develop an implementation plan based on priority recommendations.  Please contact us at park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk if you would like a copy of the report.

Development and improvements

Refurbishment of kickabout areas (MUGAs)

New surfaces have been installed and line markings have been painted in the areas listed below. 

  • Mile End Adventure Base (non fenced and fenced MUGA)
  • Middleton Green
  • Ravenscroft
  • Whitehorse Road

Allen Gardens

Improvements to Allen Gardens

As part of a programme of regeneration, Tower Hamlets parks and high streets and town centres teams are making improvements to Allen Gardens, one of the borough’s most important inner-city open spaces.   Allen Gardens is facing issues of crime, anti-social behaviour, littering and fly tipping. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to improve this.

In autumn 2020 and summer 2021 we produced newsletters to let local residents know about the changes.

Newsletter 1: autumn 2020

Newsletter 2: summer 2021

We are keen to hear views from residents about Allen Gardens. Please contact us Allen.Gardens@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Bartlett Park

A new improved look for Bartlett Park

Tower Hamlets Council have worked with Levitt Bernstein Landscape Architects to make major improvements to Bartlett Park.

The new fully inclusive playground, adult gym, grass pitches, dog walk area and the garden adjacent to St. Saviours are now open.  The former adventure playground site will be converted into an ecology and play zone.  The only element not yet completed is the opening of the new changing rooms.  Handover has not been completed due to the need for correction of defects by the manufacturer.

If you have any comments or questions about the project please contact bartlett.park@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Bethnal Green Gardens

Work to improve the sports courts is due to start in week commencing 13 September 2021.  We expect the work to last 6 – 8 weeks, depending on weather conditions.  During this time the courts will be out of use and will not be accessible to the public.

The works will include:

Creation of an additional centre basketball court

Creation of a netball Court

Drainage works

Installation of fencing system around the three basketball courts to improve the playing experience

Colour spraying of all courts will be carried out in spring 2022

If you would like to discuss the works further please contact us at park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Bromley Recreation Ground (also known as Bob's Park)

This park is managed by the Bromley By Bow Centre.

The surface of the playground has now been fully refurbished and replaced with a safety surface. 

Christ Church Gardens

Scheme to refurbish the gardens – consultation carried out in 2015. Project currently on hold.

Ford Square and Cavell Street Gardens

The council has secured funding to make improvements to both spaces. 

In Summer 2018 we carried out consultation with residents on improvements to Ford Square and Cavell Street Gardens. Over 100 people participated and completed questionnaires in response to the display boards.

Public consultation on the site design ended on 25 January 2019.  Following consultation we have designed a revised plan. 

As a result of this feedback, the council instructed our landscape designers to rethink the designs to take on board residents’ concerns.  

The revised designs have now been submitted to the council's planning team. 

For more information please contact park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk, call us on 020 7364 5000 and ask for the Parks and Open Spaces team, or write to Parks and Open Spaces Team, Mile End Park Play Pavilion, Locksley Street, E14 7EJ.

Jolly’s Green

New play equipment, benches and bins have been installed. An outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

King Edward Memorial Park

Find out about the major development currently taking place in King Edward Memorial Park

Meath Gardens 

A new playground has been installed and opened in September 2020.

The parks team has worked with officers from across the council and the Friends of Meath Gardens to restore the entrance arch. 

We have worked in partnerships with Friends of Meath Gardens to install a new historical information panel.

Meath Gardens is a Green Flag Site.

Mile End Park

We are installing new play equipment in the playground at the Children's Pavilion.   Work will start on 12 July 2021.  The area where the work is taking place will be securely fenced off.  The playground will not close while the new equipment is being installed. 

The new Mile End Active Zone is now open at Wennington Green.  New outdoor gym equipment has been installed for cardio, strengths and conditioning as well as a MUGA with line markings and colour spray. This gym is provided by KOMPAN, who also have their own app for exercises and workouts. 

We have replaced the old hardcore surface at Mile End Park BMX track with a new, hard wearing tarmac surface.

Millwall Outer Dock

A programme of improvements to this site opposite the Docklands Sailing Centre has been carried out.  The entrance way to the site has been improved with raised planters, new bollards and attractive floor surfacing.  Work was completed in Spring 2019.

Millwall Park

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018. 

Children's playground

A new children’s playground has been installed. Over 50% of the equipment in the new playground is fully inclusive, allowing children with additional needs to access creative and imaginative play equipment. The toddler and junior areas have been combined into one spaces helping carers to see children of all ages. The design also incorporates the railway arches into the new play space. 

Football pitches

Improvement work to the 9v9 caged pitch off Stebondale Street is taking place. We expect work to be completed by mid-January 2022. The pitch will not be available for use during this time. The other two grass pitches and rugby pitch are still available to book.

 Visit our pitch bookings page for a full list of other football pitches in our parks. 

Millwall Park is a Green Flag Site.

Mudchute Farm

Improvements to facilities 

Much needed work to improve the farm’s facilities took place in summer 2021.  Improvements included:

  • upgrading to the system which provides water for the animals.
  • upgrading the external lighting and electricity supply.
  • resurfacing of paths to improve accessibility.
  • upgrades to all toilets and community facilities,  including creating new community spaces and visitor hub/reception will .  

Paradise Gardens

Following consultation with residents in 2017, development at the north end of Paradise Gardens has been concluded and the park has been refurbished. A new shrub bed has been created, new pathways have been laid and new benches, bins and signage have been installed.

Pollard Square

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Poplar Recreation Ground

The former toilet block has recently been demolishedThe Angel Memorial to those lost in the WWI bombing of Upper North Street School has been repaired and fully restored. 

The new inclusive playgrounds is now open.  The equipment in this playground is accessible to all children including those with additional needs. 

Poplar Recreation Ground is a Green Flag Site.

Ravenscroft Park

A circular mosaic created by artist Rachel Lichenstein with children from Thomas Buxton and St. Anne’s schools in the mid 1990s,  has been relocated from its former location in Brick Lane to Ravenscroft Park.

Ropewalk Gardens

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Shandy Park

Improvements have been made to path surfaces.  New benches and bins have been installed.  A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

Sir John McDougall Gardens

A new outdoor gym was installed in the summer of 2018.

St. John’s Park

Lighting has been installed for the tennis courts to enable use during the short winter days.  A new playground was installed in the Spring of 2019.

St. Leonards

The council's Public Health team are working with the local community, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, the Women’s Environmental Network and local residents and stakeholders to develop activities and improve this former churchyard.

Stepney Green Park

The floodlights at Stepney Green Astro are not working.  The lighting will be repaired as soon as possible.  We are waiting for parts so that they can be repaired. Unfortunately, the production and supply of parts has been delayed due to Covid-19.  We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused to users. 

Stonebridge Wharf

Improvements have been made to path surfaces, access, seating and bins.   We are working to develop a cultural feature in the park, in partnership with Sir William Burrough Primary School and their artist in residence, Darcy Turner.

Wapping Gardens and Helling Street

A new outdoor gym has now been installed near the Turks Head in Wapping Gardens. 

Refurbishment work on playgrounds in Wapping Gardens and Helling Street has now been completed and both have re-opened.  We have also painted railings and installed new bins and benches.

Works to resurface the tennis courts and the kickabout area (MUGA) have been completed. 

 For more information please contact park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk, call us on 020 7364 5000 and ask for the Parks and Open Spaces team, or write to Parks and Open Spaces Team, Mile End Park Play Pavilion, Locksley Street, E14 7EJ.

Weavers Field

  • Our new, fully inclusive children's playground is now open.
  • A new outdoor gym has been installed in the central area of the park. 
  • New orientation and welcome signs have been installed at the entrances to the park.  The signs provide information about the park and show directions and facilities. 
  • The changing rooms have  been refurbished.
  • Weavers adventure playground has been refurbished and new play equipment has been installed. 

Whitehorse Road Adventure Playground

  • The kick-about area (MUGA) has been resurfaced.
  • New inclusive play equipment has been installed.  

For more information about changes to parks in Tower Hamlets contact park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk