Covid-19 restrictions

We are now moving through the Prime Minister's roadmap out of lockdown. Everyone must stay local and follow the rules, which includes the rule of six outdoors.

More information on current restrictions and guidelines is available on the government website.

Remember, advice around Covid-19 can change, so keep up to date with the latest information.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park skyline flat green

A statement on the use of Victoria Park during Covid-19

Parks and leisure update Monday 29 March 2021

The government has begun the process of 'easing' lockdown, based on their four principles or tests. Lockdown restrictions are not over yet, and will they will be removed gradually and in stages, beginning on Monday 8 March.

From Monday 29 March, you can meet outside (including private gardens) up to a maximum of SIX people or TWO households.

Go to the Government website for more information about how the rules will change or read COVID-19 RESPONSE - SPRING 2021.

How does this impact parks and leisure?

The impact of the new lockdown impacts parks and leisure in the following ways:

  • Indoor gyms – CLOSED
  • Outdoor gyms – OPEN
  • Tennis courts – OPEN
  • Basketball courts - OPEN
  • Sports facilities – OPEN
  • Swimming pools – CLOSED
  • Angling - ALLOWED
  • Golf courses – OPEN
  • Cafes – TAKE AWAY ONLY (please do not gather)
  • Markets – CLOSED
  • Team sports – PERMITTED (OUTSIDE)

Please use the following responsibly and follow government current guidance.

  • Parks – OPEN (please try your best to avoid busy areas/overcrowding)
  • Playgrounds – OPEN (wash your hands before/after use)
  • Public toilets - OPEN (wash your hands before/after use and cover your face)

Social distancing and safe behaviours should be followed.

When around others, stay TWO METRES apart from anyone not in your household. Where this is not possible, stay ONE METRE apart and take extra precautions (such as wearing a face covering).

Please refer to guidance for the latest detail: When you can leave home; Exercising and meeting other people; Where and when you can meet in larger groups; Sports and physical activity; and, Coronavirus (Covid-19): Meeting with others safely (social distancing).

Stay safe. Thank you for your patience and support.

Opening hours

Victoria Park is open as normal - from 7am until dusk, daily.

Safety measures for Victoria Park

In addition to regular patrols by our parks team, Tower Hamlets enforcement officers (THEOs) and the police, there have been several new safety measures introduced which are clearly signposted in the park, outlined as follows:

  • Always maintain a social distance from other visitors
  • Considerate cycling is allowed – do not travel too fast or too close to others 
  • Give way to people exiting the park
  • Keep left on pathways and avoid narrow ones
  • We recommend dogs are kept on a lead to support effective social distancing
  • Anyone who enters Victoria Park when it is locked does so at their own risk

If you have coronavirus symptoms, stay at home.

Failure to follow these new safety measures and guidelines

The health and safety of residents remains our priority and failure to follow social distancing could result a fine or closure of the park. It is vital that the small minority who break the law do not jeopardise our borough and the nation’s recovery.

Read more about current guidance on GOV.UK.