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Parks rules

These rules for using our parks are supported by our park byelaws.

These rules apply to all parks and open spaces managed by Tower Hamlets Council.

For a copy of the full byelaws please email us at park.projects@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Opening times

Members of the public must not enter or stay in parks when they are closed.

Protection of the ground, wildlife and the public

  • Do not remove barriers, posts, seats or any structure from the ground
  • Do not remove stones, soil, turf, plants or trees or pick flowers
  • Do not walk, ride or drive over any flower beds or plants or land being prepared for planting
  • Do not erect any structures including barriers, posts, rides, swings, inflatables, gazebos or tents without permission from the council
  • Do not climb walls, fences, trees or any other structures. Do not attach line, rope or other equipment to trees
  • No grazing of animals
  • Do not kill, injure or disturb any animal. Do not hunt or set traps or snares for any animal
  • Do not feed any animals
  • Keep vehicle access gates closed
  • No camping
  • Do not light fires or barbeques, or cause fires to be set
  • Do not throw objects that could cause injury
  • Do not tamper with any lifesaving equipment

Horses, bicycles and vehicles

  • Unauthorised horse riding is not permitted
  • Bicycles only to ridden on designated routes and in a way that does not endanger other park users
  • Unauthorised cars, motorbikes, trailers or motorised vehicles are not permitted in parks.

Play areas, games and sports

  • No skateboarding, roller skating or sledging except in designated areas
  • Ball games must not prevent others using that part of the park, cause danger or annoyance to other park users or put trees and plants at risk of damage
  • Cricket is to be played in designated areas only
  • Golf, archery javelin, hammer, discus or shot are prohibited in parks.


  • Bathing and swimming in ponds, lakes or any other waterway is prohibited
  • Stepping onto any frozen waterway is prohibited
  • Model boats are not to be used on any waterway
  • Boats, canoes, inflatables or any other types of crafts are not to be used on any waterway
  • Fishing is only allowed in designated areas. All anglers must have a rod licence. Rod licenses are available from the Post Office and the Environment Agency website.
  • Blocking or diverting of any waterway is prohibited.

Model aircraft

  • Taking off, controlling the flight, or landing of any power-driven model aircrafts is not permitted. This includes drones.

Other regulated activities

  • No services, for which a charge is made, are to be offered without the permission of the council
  • Park users must not shout, sing, play musical instruments, use a radio or play amplified music in a loud, continuous or repetitive way which causes annoyance to others, unless they are taking part in events held with council permission
  • No shows or performances are permitted without council permission
  • No take-off or landing of any aircraft, hang gliders or hot air balloons
  • Kite flying must not cause danger or annoyance to any other park users
  • Metal detectors can only be used with the permission of the council.


  • Council officers or contractors must not be obstructed while they are carrying out their duties.

Anybody found breaking park byelaws may be removed from the grounds by a council officer or the police.