Fines for anti-social behaviour in our parks

We are considering introducing fines for unacceptable and anti-social behaviour in our parks. The consultation is being organised by London Councils and is taking place until 30 January 2023. To take part in the short, anonymous survey, visit the consultation on Proposed Tower Hamlets Byelaws website.

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Apply for a memorial park bench

Our parks are enjoyed by thousands of people each year and mean something special to all who love them.

A memorial bench is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. It can stand as a reminder of their life for many years to come.

It's also a place for family and friends to reflect on memories and shared moments.

You can buy a new bench and provide a plaque to be placed on the bench in one of our parks. Plaques can also be attached to existing benches. You will need to purchase and provide your own plaque.

The council will maintain the bench for 10 years.


Victoria Park

  • bench and plaque: £1,250
  • plaque on an existing bench: £750

All other parks

  • bench and plaque: £950
  • plaque on an existing bench: £500

Please apply and tell us if you have a preferred park and what you want the plaque to say.

Apply for a memorial bench

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