Parks & Nature Conservation

Parks in Tower Hamlets perform an essential role in nature conservation by providing habitats for wildlife.

The Borough has two local nature reserves Mudchute Park and Farm and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.  Other parks that have been designed or developed with nature conservation in mind include Mile End Park, Victoria Park, Wapping Woods, Kind Edward Memorial Park and Weavers Fields.  These reserves and parks are a haven for wildlife and also serve as a location for local volunteers to be trained and develop skills in conservation.

Biodiversity enhancements are also taking place in many more of the borough’s parks in addition to those mentioned above.  These enhancements range from habitat creation projects such as establishing:

  • wildflower meadows;
  • hedgerows;
  • ponds and
  • new copses / wooded areas.

Where possible the council is also shifting to more “wildlife friendly” styles of landscape management such as:

  • allowing grass to grow so that meadows are formed naturally; 
  • managing woodland to encourage a greater diversity of animal and plant species and
  • creating log piles or simply leaving dead wood as a habitat for insects and fungi.

The council is a member of the Tower Habitat Partnership which promotes biodiversity in the borough and is also responsible for the delivery of the Tower Hamlets Biodiversity Action Plan. The new LBTH Local Biodiversity Action Plan was adopted on October 1, 2014, which outlines the council’s aims and objectives for biodiversity. Further information about Tower Habitats is available and the Biodiversity Action Plan is available here.”

Local biodiversity action plan