Wapping & Limehouse

Dickens inn

Wapping and Shadwell

Take the Wapping & Shadwell walk and visit:

  • Ivory House
  • Dockmasters House and Swing Bridge
  • The Dickens Inn
  • Telford’s Footbridge
  • Wapping Pierhead Houses
  • The Town of Ramsgate Pub
  • Wapping Old Stairs
  • St John’s Church
  • Captain Kidd Pub
  • King Henry’s Wharf
  • Gun Wharves
  • Towerside and St Hildas Wharf
  • New Crane Wharf
  • The Prospect of Whitby
  • London Hydraulic Pumping Station
  • St Paul’s Church
  • Tobacco Dock
  • St George in the East

Wapping and Shadwell map

Wapping and Shadwell Walk notes

Shadwell and Limehouse

Take the Shadwell & Limehouse walk and visit:

  • St George’s Town Hall
  • St George in the East
  • Tobacco Dock
  • St Paul’s Church
  • King Edward VII Memorial Park
  • Free Trade Wharf
  • Barley Mow Pub
  • Limehouse Basin
  • The Grapes
  • Booty’s
  • The House
  • Ropemakers Fields
  • St Anne’s Passage and Church
  • Limekiln Dock

Shadwell and Limehouse map

Shadwell and Limehouse walk notes

Wapping and Limehouse

Walks in Wapping and Limehouse leaflet 1 and 2