Process to obtain building control drawings

If you need copies of a completion certificate only, please go to our request documents and file retrieval webpage. 

Viewing historic building control files

Building control documents are not public documents and are protected under provisions of the Data Protection Act 1990.

In order to view any documentation that accompanied a building control application, we require written evidence giving consent from the owner of the property allowing you to view the documents. If upon viewing, you wish to obtain copies of drawings, written permission from the original architects of those drawings is required. 

How to submit  your request  

You can complete a Post-application Request form.

This form can be used to request file retrievals as well as obtaining copies of many different types of documents e.g.  Building Control approvals and completion certificates etc. 

What to submit with your request

Giving the relevant information with your submission will speed up its processing. 

If you have carried out a local authority land search, you can include an extract of the search with any required entries highlighted. 

Although the whole case file may be retrieved, it is helpful and speeds up the process if you can give details of what you need.

Such as:

  • The type of document(s) required eg section drawings, structural calculations etc.
  • Where possible, the location/site address, application number, the decision date.

Next steps

You will be contacted within approximately 10 working days after you submit.

We will confirm the process and if applicable any associated costs and payment options.