Document copy requests and file retrieval

We can provide copies of planning and building control documents including decision notices, completion certificates, S106 and legal agreements and confirmation letters.

We can also retrieve archived planning or building control files.

The provision of some of these services is chargeable with fees detailed in our non-statutory fees and charges.

How to submit  your request 

Please complete the post-application request form.

This form can be used to obtain copies of many different documents types.

Examples of these are planning decision notices and legal agreements, Building Control approvals and completion certificates.

The form can also be used for letters of confirmation of discharge of planning conditions or S106 obligations.

What to submit with your request

Giving the relevant information with your submission will speed up its processing. 

If you have carried out a local authority land search, you can include an extract of the search with any required entries highlighted.  

Alternatively you can provide details of what you require such as:

  • The type of document(s) required.
  • Where possible, the location/site address, application number, the decision date.

Guidance for different types of requests

We provide a range of post application services.

Please read the guidance before you submit.

Please be aware that the provision of some of these services is chargeable, with fees detailed in our non-statutory fees and charges.

Generally, you can complete these requests through the Post-application Request form

You will be contacted within approximately 10 working days after you submit.

We will confirm the process and if applicable any associated costs and payment options.

Requests for copies of documents

If you only need a copy of a relatively recent a specific planning decision notice or legal agreement, you may be able to obtain what you need for free.

Most planning decisions and legal agreements  from the year 2000 onwards are usually available using our online planning register.

For copies of  planning decisions and agreements not available on the register or for building control completion approvals/certificates,  you will need to complete the post-application request form

Request for historic planning file retrievals

Most planning application casefiles from the year 2000 onwards  will usually be freely available. You can view documentation on our planning register.

Historic planning casefiles pre-dating the year 2000 are not available on our online planning register. Archived files may have been retained off-site and may be able to be retrieved. 

Viewing building control files

Building control documents are not public documents and are protected under provisions of the Data Protection Act 1990.

In order to view any documentation that accompanied a building control application, we require written evidence giving consent from the owner of the property allowing you to view the documents.
If upon viewing, you wish to obtain copies of drawings, written permission from the original architects of those drawings is required.

Planning conditions confirmation letters

These confirm whether or not planning conditions have been discharged and/or satisfaction of any planning obligations.

Local land charges copies

Our local land charges team do not deal with copy requests.

The exception to that is that copies of local land charges searches and copies of LLC1. These can be given to the company who submitted the original search. 

If you need either of these, then you can contact land charges.  You can use your original contact method or the  Post Search request form.