Skip permits

If you need to put a skip in the road, you must first apply to the council for a permit.

It is an offence under The Highways Act to put a skip in the road without a permit and this may result in prosecution. It is the household’s or the building contractor’s responsibility to obtain the skip permit. We expect you, as the skip company, to ensure that there is a permit in place and the area where the skip is to be deposited has all of the appropriate suspensions etc.

A permit can be valid for any period between 1 day and 28 days. For periods longer than 28 days, up to three months, additional applications must be made.

The skip owner or supplier is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations are adhered to.

Permit applications and charges

The completion/signing of the skip application form is taken as the agreement to all conditions of use and it is advisable that all applicants read and understand these conditions before returning their signed application forms to us.

It will help us process your form quicker, if all parts of the form are completed including the exact location where you intend to place the skip and whether you want the skip on yellow lines or a parking bay.

We will try to approve the skip for your preferred location but cannot guarantee this. Wherever possible, skips should be placed within a parking bay rather than on a yellow line. Skips will only be allowed on the yellow line where there is no obvious alternative.

We need 7 working days notice to issue any skip licence. This is to allow us to inspect the proposed location, suspend the bay if required, and give other residents enough time to find alternative parking where necessary. However we encourage you to contact us as soon as you know that you need a skip, as this will allow us even more time to notify residents and other road users of possible disruption to parking in their area.

Please ensure you read all the terms and conditions before applying.


There are two associated charges for skip licenses, as set out below.

  • A highway maintenance fee:
1 - 7 days £20.50 plus parking charges
8 - 14 days = £49.50 plus parking charges
15 - 28 days = £56 plus parking charges
  • Parking charges:

A bay / space occupancy fee of £45 per skip per day.

Check the parking charges.

Note: Customer to be advised of total fee payable by a Highways Officer/Operational Officer once approval is given.

Complete a skip application


Alternatively you can download a paper copy of the skip application form.

Once completed, paper forms can be returned by email, fax or post. Payment will be requested from you once the permit has been issued by us.


Enforcement officers patrol the streets of the borough on a regular basis to make sure that all skips are legitimately sited and promptly removed following their licence expiry.

The council will take enforcement action against skip companies who deposit skips within the borough without the appropriate licences or suspensions.

If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the licence and all relevant legislation you may be liable to enforcement action which includes a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued or legal proceedings against all persons responsible.

If you fail to remove your skip on time or place it on the highway without a valid licence and parking bay suspension, we will remove the skip and recharge the cost to you.


Any complaints, including complaints about the locations or safety of skips, should be reported to us using the contact details given.