Pavement maintenance

We are responsible for the maintenance of roads, including pavements and footways.

The exception to this is private streets, unless they have been adopted by the council.

Trip hazards on pavements are a key concern. We also deal with seasonal problems such as weeds, standing water and ice. We address these problems in this order of priority:

  • slab movement, uneven ironwork and edge depressions
  • overhanging vegetation
  • major cracking.

How to report any problems with pavements (except on private streets)

You can report a street problem  with a pavement obstruction online.

If you witness any damage being done to pavements in the borough,please report it. If possible, please provide us with the vehicle details and what you saw, so that we can recover the full cost of repairs to the pavement.

When work is being carried out on the roads (including the pavement/footway), the organisation carrying out those works (including utility companies) is responsible for ensuring that:

  • there is a safe diversionary route for pedestrians and other traffic while the work is being done
  • they restore the pavement to a satisfactory standard when the work has finished.

Private streets

A private streets are not maintained by the council. The responsibility for private streets lies with the street owners, usually the people who live there..

How do I report a private street that has unsafe paving?

  • You need to report the problem directly to the owner (usually the frontage).
  • If the problem is thought to be a 'danger' (for example a deep hole in the road suddenly appearing), please contact us. The council will arrange to make it safe by placing barriers or road closures around the hazard.
  • However, permanent repairs still have to be carried out by the owner/s.

How do I report a problem with gullies and drains on a private street?

If thought to be dangerous (for example a missing gully lid), please contact us. We will arrange to make the problem safe. The owner will then need to make permanent repairs.