Clean & clear routes to school

We aim to make travelling through the borough a pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable experience. There are 217 miles of highways which we maintain and so your comments and feedback are essential in making us aware of problems that we can start to put right.

Our travel strategy is firmly aimed at walking, cycling or public transport for local travel. In order to encourage you to walk and cycle more often, we need to provide clean, clear and well-maintained foot and cycle paths.

How quickly we react to solving the problem is governed by how much danger and inconvenience is caused and where we can get the best return on expenditure. There is a limited amount of money available each year from council tax and fixed grants from Transport for London.

Report road and pavement problems online.

Let us know problems caused by things such as the following:

  • overhanging branches obstructing the footpath
  • loose paving stones that could be a trip hazard
  • lack of drop kerbs for prams and wheelchairs to cross the road
  • broken or insufficient street lighting
  • twisted or damaged road signs or street name-plates
  • dog mess
  • items or vehicles (parked or waiting) blocking your car.