12 stolen blue badges found during council operation


A joint council and police operation saw 131 blue badges checked, with four cars removed for illegally showing the badge.

Blue badges allow those with a disability or health condition to park closer to their destination. However, sadly some people steal blue badges to sell on or use themselves fraudulently.

On a day of action, council staff and police officers checked badges throughout the borough, finding 12 badges that had been reported as stolen. When the drivers returned, they were questioned under caution and will be investigated and prosecuted if necessary.

Four fines were also issued for badges that were noted as being lost, misused, expired or being used with details hidden.

Cllr Abu Talha Chowdhury, Cabinet Member for safer communities, said:

“We will continue to hold operations to tackle blue badge fraud and misuse.

“It is not a victimless crime – blue badges are a lifeline for a number of those in our community and if their badge is stolen, or they are unable to park in disabled spaces due to people who are not entitled to a blue badge taking the spaces, this can have a real impact on their lives.

“Thank you to everyone who took part in this operation.”

To report someone incorrectly using a blue badge, email parking.fraud@towerhamlets.gov.uk 

If you want to apply for a blue badge, please visit Blue Badge Scheme (towerhamlets.gov.uk)

Posted on Thursday 2nd November 2023