Response to comments about Tower Hamlets by Paul Scully MP

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets said:

“These comments are surprising and extremely disappointing. Tower Hamlets is one of the most popular places in the country to live, work and visit. Our borough is iconic, and hosts some of London’s best destinations from the Young V&A and the Tower of London to the award-winning Victoria Park and international events like the London Marathon.

“We host tens of millions of tourists each year which provide much needed jobs, business, and essential tax revenue income to the UK economy. Tower Hamlets was built on entrepreneurship from the London Docks, and that continues today with our famous markets and Canary Wharf which provides the third largest economic output in the UK.

“While we have destinations any city would envy, we are most proud of our people. Tower Hamlets is a microcosm of an international city. We are an example of how people of all backgrounds get on together in one of the most diverse places in the country. In fact, 87% of people said they get on with each other in our recent survey of residents.

“As a result, Tower Hamlets is the fastest growing and most densely populated place in the UK. We also have London’s youngest population because of how dynamic and exciting our borough is.

“From Wapping to Mile End, from Bethnal Green to Bow, or Stepney to Spitalfields, every part of Tower Hamlets is a ‘go to’ area for millions of people to visit again and again. That is enough of an endorsement for us.”

Notes to Editors

Posted on Tuesday 27th February 2024