Households missing out on unclaimed benefits

Benefits worth more than £110 million a year, are going unclaimed in Tower Hamlets, at a time when many are forced to run up debt as they struggle with rising living costs.

Our Cost of Living Help campaign promotes using the Better Off Calculator to find out in less than 10 minutes if you’re one of the 109,898 missed claims in the borough and are owed any payments.

Support is available for a variety of people, not just for those who are out of work.

If you’re earning but still struggling with money (including if you’re retired), if you have children, care for someone, or have a disability, you could still be entitled to vital help that will increase your income.

Lutfur Rahman, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets said:

“It is shocking that £110 million of benefits and support is unclaimed at any time, let alone during a cost of living crisis.

“Missing out on eligible benefits could be the difference between households keeping their heads above water and feeling they are drowning.”

Cllr Saied Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Resources and Cost of Living added:

“Many people may feel embarrassed to ask for help due to the unfair stigma attached to claiming benefits. There is no shame in claiming benefits that you are entitled to.

“And many people are not aware that they’re eligible for certain benefits.

“We are here to help so please do not be put off from claiming benefits, as it could have a transformative impact on your life.”

In Tower Hamlets, there is more than:

  • £52 million in unclaimed Universal Credit
  • £6 million in unclaimed Child Benefit
  • £17 million in unclaimed Council Tax support
  • £13 million in unclaimed Carer’s Allowance
  • £9 million in unclaimed Pension Credit
  • £12 million in other unclaimed support for yourself and your family including cheaper household bills, free TV licenses, and free food, vitamins and meals for your children.

It’s quick and easy to check what you’re entitled to using our Better Off Calculator. The calculator provides personalised benefits advice as well as guidance on anything else which you may be entitled to through your predicted claim.

  • Case study

A Tower Hamlets resident who checked their benefits entitlement recently saw their income jump by 38% to over £1,170 per month after finding out they were eligible for Pension Credit despite thinking they were already receiving all they were owed, so it’s always worth checking even if you’re already claiming.

If you or someone you know requires face-to-face support with checking benefits entitlement and applying, our Resident Support Outreach Team is here to help.

The team is available in several different locations across the borough to support you.

You can contact them through this online form or email 


Posted on Monday 4th March 2024