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Borough profile

The Borough Profile 2018 brings together the key facts and figures about Tower Hamlets into one consolidated report. It presents the challenges and opportunities that make up the fabric of the borough.


27-7 Borough map BIG1. Overview

Introduction and Contents

row 2-9 group of people big 2.Population

Tower Hamlets has one of the fastest growing, youngest, and most diverse populations in the UK.

row 11-4 piggy bank BIG3. Poverty

Despite an improvement in the borough’s deprivation rankings over time, levels of poverty remain high, particularly among pensioners and children, and the need for in-work welfare support is rising.

17-13 graph 1 big4. Economy

Tower Hamlets is home to the country’s third largest economy and some of the fastest economic growth in the UK.

15-7 laptop big5. Employment 

While the borough’s employment rate has been rising over the last decade, some groups continue to face significant disadvantage in the local labour market.

row 12-1 house big6. Housing 

The evolution and high intensity of our housing needs and housing supply mirror the rich, vibrant mix of residents living and working in the borough. 

row 4-5 books and writing big7. Education

Tower Hamlets is home to highly rated schools and has seen large improvements in educational attainment in recent years.

health_v_Variation_18. Health

There are stark differences in health outcomes that amount to differences of 10 years less in healthy life expectancy amongst residents compared to the rest of the country.

row 2-1 people in hand big9. Social care

Our residents generally have a higher than average need for social care services, reflecting the borough’s high levels of deprivation.

row 5-6 flashing police light big10. Community Safety

Our residents get on well with each other, our crime recording practices have improved which is reflected in the increase in reporting of crime in the borough, and the Police and other local public services have been improving in how they tackle ASB issues.

18-12 leaf BIG11. Environment

Tower Hamlets aims to deliver services and  outcomes that minimise negative environmental and climatic impacts, and deliver sustainable protection and development for the climate, open spaces, built environment, urban design, conservation, landmarks and heritage.

19-11 bus big 12. Transport

The borough’s overall connectivity is high with its surrounding areas but less so within its boundaries.


19-6 map big Appendix 1: Borough Atlas

A demographic and socio-economic profile of the Tower Hamlets population by small area for 22 key indicators across the themes of diversity, poverty, employment, education, health, housing and transport.

row 9-2 tick in box big Appendix 2: Borough Equality Assessment

An assessment of equality in Tower Hamlets by our strategic plan outcome areas: