Customer promise

This Customer Promise commits us to

  • Put customers at the heart of everything we do
  • Deliver services efficiently and effectively
  • Deliver a high standard of service
  • Regularly ask for feedback and use it to shape how we deliver services
  • Provide consistently good customer service across all channels
  • Be a customer-centric council

By always

  • being helpful and polite
  • providing honest and accurate information
  • responding as quickly as possible
  • giving our name
  • being clear and provide realistic timescales

In return we ask that customers

  • be respectful and treat our staff and other customers with courtesy
  • let us know as soon as possible if your personal circumstances or requirements for a service change
  • provide us the correct information we need to assist you
  • Engage with us in a way that supports our work and enhances the outcomes for everyone
  • share your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our services.

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