Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

We are doing everything we can to help stop the virus spreading and make sure that residents across the borough, particularly those most vulnerable, are protected as much as possible.

Contact us if you or someone you know is vulnerable and needs help during the corona pandemic.

Find out how services are affected and access more support and resources.

Customer promise

Tower Hamlets is committed to good customer care and has made a promise to deliver excellent customer services to everyone. The customer promise is a contract between the council and its customers, whichever service they use and however they choose to contact us. It is supported by a series of ambitious standards, which will be regularly monitored.

The customer promise was developed as part of the council’s drive to put the customer first and deliver services that are accessible to all. It sets standards for dealing with:

  • visits to council reception areas
  • replies to letters, faxes and emails
  • telephone enquiries

The standards set in the customer promise ensure that everyone is dealt with courteously, fairly and within set time limits.

Our customer promise

Our commitment to you:

  • We will help you to contact us by publicising easy-to-remember Service Hot Line phone numbers
  • We will deal with you politely and with respect
  • We will give you honest and clear advice about the services available to you
  • We will resolve your enquiry the first time that you ask us to
  • We will actively ask for and listen to your views on our services
  • We will always answer your telephone calls to our Service Hot Lines
  • We will give advice and information at our One Stop Shops on all services provided by us and our partners
  • We will respond to your e-mails when sent to our Service email addresses by the next working day
  • We will respond to your letters  promptly and in plain English

Our request of you:

  • We will ask you to treat us politely and with respect  
  • We will ask you to be patient when you contact us at our peak busy times
  • We will ask you to tell us when things go wrong so that we can put them right