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Citizenship ceremonies

Lady with flag at a citizenship ceremony

LATEST UPDATE - February 2023

The Home Office have dictated that all applicants who are succesful after 13th February 2023 must now attend a ceremony within 3 months of approval. If you require an extension, you must request this via the Home Office, not Tower Hamlets Register Office.

Naturalising new citizens

We have naturalised over 35,000 new citizens and we have great pleasure in welcoming people officially into our British Family. Please only email us if your enquiry is urgent and your query isn't answered on this page. Reduced resources and increased demand means we may take longer than usual to respond.


Although you have 3 months from when we receive your certificate to attend a ceremony, we actively encourage all our new citizens to book a ceremony as soon as they receive their official invitation from the Home Office.

You will receive your certificate on completion of a ceremony from our office in Shadwell.

The process

We are aware that it can be confusing so please note the process which applies to most applications:

  • The Home Office, a number of weeks later, sends your certificate to The Register Office. We then process this onto our database and you can then book a ceremony online.
  • The Home Office, within a week of sending us the certificates, notifies you that you are to attend a citizenship ceremony. This is the Home Office invitation letter/email. It will ask you to contact us. Before doing so, please note the following:
    • The date on the letter/email is often two weeks before you receive it. Do not worry.
    • You have 3 months to attend a ceremony.
    • You do not need to contact us regarding you ceremony- you can book directly online
    • This letter is now more often an email directly from the Home Office advising you to book your ceremony.

Group ceremonies

Group ceremonies take place with 30-40 people at our new venue St Georges Town Hall, Shadwell.

You can bring two guests to most of our group ceremonies. 

No children under the age of 8 will be permitted into the ceremony. Please arrange childcare for your ceremony as we cannot allow children into the ceremony room unless they have a booking to attend a ceremony to collect a certificate.

Book a Group Ceremony


Virtual private ceremonies

We continue to offer virtual private ceremonies for a fee, which allows for a quicker ceremony much sooner. Despite the booking saying 'St George's Town Hall' - the private ceremony is virtual until April 1 - do not attend the register office.

You may also share the link with your friends and family who may join in the celebration with you. Private ceremonies will also have a longer welcome and a more ceremonial atmosphere should you chose.

You must be physically present in the UK in order to have a virtual ceremony.

Your certificate can only be sent to the address provided to us by the Home Office. If you did not have this changed and you have moved, you can ask to collect your certificate instead.

Book a Virtual Private Ceremony

Further information

Our ceremonies, including payment of fees, are covered by our terms and conditions.

If you are unable to attend a ceremony in Tower Hamlets before this time, please contact the Home Office.

If you have a query not answered here, please email us.