Apply to become an Approved Venue

If you've got a venue that you'd like to make a legal premises for civil weddings, the proprietor or trustee of the premises will need to apply for a license. 

How to apply

Step one: know the essentials

Familiarise yourself with the process of getting your premises approved and think carefully about whether or not you can commit to the process and if your venue fits the requirements. 

Step two: Inspection

Contact us to arrange for a registrar to inspect your premises  to ensure that it is both safe, and appropriate. A Health and Safety expert will also attend. Central government provide detailed  guidance for ensuring your compliance.

Step three: apply

Complete our application form and submit it to us at

Step four: public notice

You must advertise for three weeks a public notice of the application in a local newspaper or alternatively, we will publish the notice for you on our website for a fee. Please contact us for details. 


Please visit our fees page to find up-to-date information on application fees.

The result of your application

You should hear from us with a decision within 28 days of your public notice being published. If you're still waiting, contact us on

If you've had your application refused, but disagree with our decision, you can appeal by contacting us on the same address

If your application is approved and you have received your paperwork, you may start arranging for ceremonies to take place. Take a look at our guide to getting married so that you can advise clients on how to proceed. 

Places of worship

If the venue you're looking to register is a place of worship, different fees apply. There's more information on how to apply.

Fee to certify a building for worship


Fee to register a certified place of worship for the solemnisation of marriages