Council Tax Support Fund 23/24

The Government has announced £100m of support for Council Taxpayers to help with the rising cost of living. This fund is to reduce the burden of increases in Council Tax in 2023/24.

Who is eligible?

Tower Hamlets has been given a grant of £761,046. This grant will fund further reductions for those receiving the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (LCTS). They must have an outstanding council tax amount:

  • by up to £25 or
  • less if total amount after LCTS is below £25.

The money will be credited to the Council Tax account.

The support is for all new eligible LCTS claimants during the 2023/24 financial year to the same levels awarded to all existing claimants who were residents on 1 April 2023.

Awards are limited to one award per household even if you move within the borough.

Residents do not need to apply

Residents that are eligible for the help have been identified from our Benefit Records and the grant has been added to their 2023-24 Council Tax bill. Residents do not need to apply.

If the entitlement to LCTS changes, the support fund payment may be subject to change.

The grant shows in the calculation part of the bill.  If you receive your bill electronically, please see the notes in the email we sent to you.

How much support can I get?

We have a generous LCTS, where residents can get up to 100% LCTS so have nothing to pay. Funding cannot be used to support those with no amount to pay or have 100% LCTS. We have decided to use the grant to uplift the Mandatory Grant of up to £25.

Those who are entitled to LCTS that do not get 100% relief will receive a reduction on their bill.

Reduction amount and conditions
 Reduction amount Conditions
 £55.00   Where their total 2023-24 amount is £55.00 or more
 £0.01 to £54.99 -
A grant that equals the balance of the Council Tax payable net of LCTS
 Where their total 2023-24 amount is less than £55.00