No recourse to public funds

Information, services and advice that may be relevant to you if you have no recourse to public funds.

What is no recourse to public funds?

No recourse to public funds means you are subject to immigration controls and have no automatic right to receive financial assistance from the state – for example, with welfare benefits or public housing.

What can I expect from the council?

Council staff should treat you humanely and respectfully, regardless of your country of origin or immigration status.

Council officers will explain to you the procedures of the assessment process and the potential outcomes of your case. If there is anything which is unclear, or if you would like to have an interpreter or advocate present, we will do our best to assist.

What about my human rights?

Even if you do not appear to be eligible for financial support because you have no recourse to public funds, the council is obliged to consider whether your rights, under the Human Rights Act, are being violated or are in danger of being violated.

We have direct responsibility for ensuring that our actions, or lack of action, will not lead to a human rights violation.

We take this responsibility very seriously and we will do our best to make sure that your fundamental human needs are respected.

Where can I get more information, about no recourse to public funds and organisations that may be able to help me?

Click on No recourse to public funds: a guide for service users to access the leaflet.