Translating and interpreting services

Adult health and wellbeing directorate employs four Bengali / Sylheti interpreters (two male and two female), and one Somali interpreter.

For other languages, we use an interpreting / translation agency.  Interpreting or translation work in any language can be arranged through your social worker.

If you use services provided or arranged by adult health and wellbeing or children services social work teams, and need to discuss something with a member of staff who does not speak your language, we can provide an interpreter to allow you to understand each other.

In most circumstances, we can arrange interpreting for meetings and consultations, for phone calls, and sometimes also produce brief written materials in other languages.

For people who cannot phone us and do not have anyone who can phone on their behalf, all council offices have 'Pointer Cards' with examples of the range of languages in Tower Hamlets.  People can visually identify their own language and an interpreter can be found.

How to contact us

Book an appointment with the council's interpreting team on

The number is open to take bookings 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday.