Procurement – tendering, RFQ and requisition tools

There are several tools and systems that the council uses when interacting with suppliers. Due North and the Supply Tower Hamlets portal are ones where tenders and requests for quotation (RFQ) respectively are issued and where supplier details are kept. The R2P system is where invoicing and purchase orders are to be sent and found.


E-Tendering & Sourcing

LBTH currently uses the Due North tendering tool for procurement exercises over £100,000. To be able to participate in tender opportunities a supplier will have to self- register using the link below, provide basic information regarding their organisation and then proceed on to the advertised opportunity. 

Due North


Supply Tower Hamlets – LBTH’s RFQ and supplier portal

The RFQ tool enables council officers to go out for quotes for supplies, services and works below £100,000. This is the councils preferred route for low value procurement. All new suppliers set up in the council’s payment systems need to be registered on this portal. In addition, suppliers will need to register on the site to access RFQs issued to them, where they are able to update their organisational details 24x7 and where they will need to complete LBTH’s compliance questionnaire should they be successful in an RFQ.

Supply Tower Hamlets

Supplier Guide


Requisition to Pay (R2P) for Purchase Orders & Invoicing

R2P enables LBTH to trade electronically. Suppliers are able to provide electronic catalogues, receive e-orders and send e-invoices. Suppliers who are successful in tenders and in requests for quotation will be set up on the system by LBTH. Once you have been set up you can log in clicking the link below.



Current Tender Opportunities

Please click on link below and under organisation select Tower Hamlets then at the bottom of the page click update.

Due North / London Tenders Portal


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