Tender opportunities

London Tenders Portal supplier registration guide

The council uses the London Tenders Portal as its e-tendering system. Organisations wishing to express their interest in providing goods, works and services advertised by the council must register their interest (for free) via the council's e-tendering system unless otherwise stated.

Please allow enough time to register (at least one working day). The council accepts no liability for expressions of interest and PQQ's that are not received due to internet connectivity issues, transmission delays or errors.

A supplier registration guide has been created to help potential providers use the portal.

Selling to Tower Hamlets

All contracts with a value of £100,000 or above are advertised on the London Tenders Portal (Due North).

If you are a supplier, you should register your company on this portal. When a tender opportunity comes along that matches your company profile the system will send you an alert.

See the London Tenders Portal supplier registration guide.

Any tender that exceeds the current EU threshold will have to be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) but the tender process will still be run via Due North. See OJEU and the EU thresholds

Suppliers should note that any company that works for Tower Hamlets has to meet certain minimum criteria regarding their company standing. This includes insurance cover, finances, etc.

The requirements will depend on the contract and will be included in the tender documentation. Suppliers should always make sure they meet the criteria before they submit a bid.

Ways of bidding

There are three main ways in which a company might secure a contract with Tower Hamlets:

  • through a public tender
  • by being on a Tower Hamlets Framework or
  • by being a supplier registered on a Tower Hamlets DPS.

Details of each of these can be found in the following section.

Current opportunities

Public tenders

The tendering opportunities that are open to bidders can be found on the Proactis opportunities page.

Please select Tower Hamlets in the organisation drop down list and select update to see all current opportunities.


Suppliers may wish to tender for a place on the following Framework:

Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Suppliers may apply to join the following: