Working for Tower Hamlets and Suppliers Code of conduct

Any company wishing to work for Tower Hamlets has to comply with certain minimum requirements for them to be eligible to bid or to be awarded a contract. These requirements include:

  1. Mandatory and discretionary grounds for exclusion – these are statutory requirements under the procurement regulations.
  2. Supply chain ethical code of conduct – this is a Tower Hamlets document requiring all Suppliers and their supply chain to act and supply in an ethical manner in all areas including fair treatment of the workforce, compliance with law, health and safety, equalities, whistleblowing, etc., etc.
  3. The London Living Wage must be paid as a minimum to all staff employed on a Tower Hamlets contract
  4. Best value – services and supplies will always be purchased in a manner that determines best value for money for the Council. In most cases this will involve a tender assessment based on price and quality.
  5. Financial standing – bidding companies will have to demonstrate a financial standing that is appropriate for the contract before any tender award can be made. The basis on which this is assessed will always be made known as part of the tender documentation.
  6. Environmental impact – Tower Hamlets is within the TfL Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). This will impact on the use of any of your company vehicles. In addition, Tower Hamlets may place other requirements on vehicles and their movement – including delivery logistics - to further support the drive for cleaner air in the borough.
  7. Social value – All Tower Hamlet tenders (with very few exceptions) will include a Social Value commitment from bidders as part of the tender. Worth a minimum of 5 per cent of the tender score, this may even be included as a mini-e-auction as part of the tender submission process. Contract Management procedures are in place to ensure delivery of the committed benefits.