The 2011 Census results showed that Tower Hamlets has one of the most diverse populations in the country, home to many communities including the largest Bangladeshi community in the country. The following briefings cover different aspects of diversity including ethnicity, country of birth, faith and language.

Language proficiency in Tower Hamlets

This briefing presents 2011 Census statistics about levels of proficiency in spoken English in Tower Hamlets, and explores how proficiency levels vary by country of birth, ethnicity, age and gender.

A profile of the migrant population

This briefing provides analysis of a range of data which helps to build a profile of the migrant population in Tower Hamlets. It examines data from a range of sources including: the Census, the mid-year estimates, National Insurance number registrations, ‘Flag 4’ GP registrations, short-term migration, the School Census, asylum seekers and rough sleeping.

A profile of the Somali-born population

The briefing below profiles the characteristics of the borough’s Somali-born population across the areas of employment, qualifications, housing, health and deprivation.

A profile of the White Other population

The briefing below provides a census-based profile of the borough’s third largest ethnic group population: the ‘White Other’ population, which now accounts for one in eight Tower Hamlets residents.

Unemployment and ethnicity

The factsheet below presents census statistics about unemployment and ethnicity in Tower Hamlets, and finds that residents from Black and Minority Ethnic groups had an average unemployment rate of 19 per cent, more than double the rate for White groups (7 per cent).

Census topic papers