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Residents' survey

The council commissions an independent survey of residents every year which explores residents' views about the council, services and the local area.

The survey is carried out by an independent market research company on behalf of the council and is designed to collect data on resident perceptions about the council, local services and the area. The questions are closely tied to service priorities and form a core component of the council’s performance monitoring. They are also designed to provide context for policy development, service delivery and review.

The latest survey took place during February and March 2021. The survey captured the views of 1,108 Tower Hamlets residents in telephone interviews. The residents’ survey results follow:

Summary of 2021 survey results

In 2021, we had to change our plans again and the survey was carried out over the telephone as England was in the third pandemic lockdown at the time of fieldwork. Telephone and face to face survey results cannot be directly compared.

Previous surveys

Summary of 2020 survey results

Unfortunately, in 2020 we had to cancel our survey as England went into the first pandemic lockdown.

Summary of 2019 survey results

Summary of 2018 survey results

Summary of 2017 survey results

Summary of 2016 survey results

Previous survey reports

For more information about the survey, please email the council’s research team at cru@towerhamlets.gov.uk