Housing tenure

This report presents Census statistics about housing tenure in Tower Hamlets. The report explores changes over the last ten years and highlights the significant increase in the proportion of privately rented households (which now account for 33 per cent of households, up from 17 per cent in 2001).

Tower Hamlets – general housing evidence base

The housing evidence base discusses housing related data and research covering need and demand in Tower Hamlets. The evidence base was developed to support the Overcrowding statement and the Homelessness statement.

House prices

The factsheet takes a closer look at the Tower Hamlets housing market bringing together land registry data and VOA private sector rental data. The latest factsheet includes a data file, both can be downloaded below.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

A Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) is a study conducted to enhance the council’s awareness of how the housing market functions and underpins the development of housing, planning, economic development and regeneration policies and strategies. The SHMA is a crucial part of the evidence base usedTH13 to inform both the Local Development Framework documents and the Housing Strategy.