Community safety successes

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14 convicted of drug offences in Tower Hamlets

Fourteen men have been convicted of drug offences in Tower Hamlets after a complex operation.

This activity forms part of Operation Continuum, an intelligence-led, phased operation established in response to ongoing reports of drug dealing, drug use and associated criminality in Tower Hamlets led by police and Tower Hamlets Council.

As a result of a recent investigation, 14 men were convicted of drug offences at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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Hundreds of weapons taken off our streets

610 knives and 79 other weapons have been taken off our streets in six months thanks to four new knife amnesty bins.

The bins, installed by charity Word4Weapons, allow people to dispose of knives and other weapons anonymously and safely. The knives are destroyed and are not investigated by the police.

The bins were unveiled in January in Barnet Grove, north of the Bethnal Green Road junction, E2 6AD; Vallance Road opposite Underwood Road, E1 5BQ; Burslem Street between the recycling bins, E1 2LL; and Brownfield Street next to number 107, E14 6ND.

The bins were emptied at the end of June.

The other weapons alongside the knives include scissors, kitchen knives and utensils, knuckles, swords, and DIY tools.

Anti-social behaviour awareness week sees hundreds of hours of patrols

Hundreds of residents, businesses and visitors were given crime prevention advice and helped with their anti-social behaviour concerns during a week of targeted activity.

More than 40 hours’ of events, including weapon sweeps and engagement activities, were carried out by our Safer Neighbourhood Operations Team along with our partners including Met Police to mark Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week from 3 July to 9 July.

Highlights from the activity included a responsible dog ownership event in Victoria Park, weapon sweeps, patrols in areas highlighted by residents as being ASB hotspots, and engagement events across the borough.

More than 1,000 residents and 150 businesses were engaged with during the week. 16 drug users were also approached, with ten being referred for further help.


1,000 fines issued in anti-social behaviour crackdown

Almost 1,000 fines have been given out by Tower Hamlets Council’s Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers as part of a drive to tackle anti-social and unacceptable behaviour in the borough.

Latest statistics reveal that between March 2022 and May 2023, there were 14,000 hours of uniformed patrols.

This led to 800 verbal warnings, 280 written warnings, and 600 warnings specifically for anti-social behaviour (ASB).

There were also 50 seizures of nitrous oxide, and 105 fines for urinating in a public place, 85 fines for littering, 143 fines for unlicensed street trading, and 159 fines for using nitrous oxide in a public place handed out.

Seven-month operation sees 128 people sentenced for drug dealing in Tower Hamlets

More than 100 people involved in a criminal network supplying Class A drugs across Tower Hamlets have been sentenced for a total of 275 years in prison.

The Met Police’s Gangs Taskforce South, in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council and other policing units, carried out a seventh-month operation as part of Operation Continuum, to tackle the drug operation in Tower Hamlets.

A total of 128 people have now been sentenced as part of the investigation into the organised criminal network which was operating in Whitechapel, Stepney, Mile End and Bow.

The operation delved deeply into all levels of supply, with those convicted from the high end of the supply chain all the way to the street dealers.

The individuals were given a total of 275 years in prison.

Three men jailed for supplying cocaine and heroin in Tower Hamlets

Three men have been jailed for a total of almost 20 years for running a cocaine and heroin drug line across Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington.

On Thursday 30 March, three males appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court for sentencing.

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712 people arrested for drugs supply related offences during police and council operation

More than £137,000 in drug money has been seized, 6,600 stop and searches for drugs and weapons have been carried out, and 306 weapons have been seized during a joint police and council operation.

Tower Hamlets Council and the Met Police have carried out 15 days of action, executing 96 search warrants from April 2022 to December 2022 as part of Operation Continuum, an ongoing partnership to tackle the drugs market in Tower Hamlets.

A total of 156 people were also charged with drugs trafficking offences, with a total of 397 separate drugs trafficking charges and 4,873 stop and searches carried out specifically for drugs.

Sale of stolen property in Brick Lane Market targeted by 'successful' police and council operation

A weekly joint police and council operation targeting a notorious street has already resulted in twelve arrests, the recovery of 26 stolen bikes and the issuing of 26 anti-social behaviour warnings in just three months.

Members of the council’s safer communities’ team and local police have carried out a variation of both high visibility and plain clothes patrols every Sunday in Sclater Street, in Brick Lane Market, to target anti-social behaviour, illegal trading, bike thefts and the sales of suspected stolen cycles.

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Life-saving equipment installed in Tower Hamlets

Life-saving equipment which will help stop serious blood loss in an emergency is being installed around Tower Hamlets.

The bleed control kits can be used to stop bleeding, whether that is from a car crash, sports accident, or another injury.

Five bleed kits are now available in the borough, including three in Victoria Park, and one on each of the youth service buildings in Limehouse and St Andrew’s. More kits will be going up across the wards over the coming months.

They are easy to use and mean that vital, life-saving first aid can be given to injured people before emergency help arrives.

The kits are registered with 999 so anyone calling for an ambulance will be directed to a nearby kit.

Knife amnesty bins rolled out

New bins allowing people to dispose of knives safely and confidentially are being installed around Tower Hamlets.

Four new knife amnesty bins have been put up in: Barnet Grove, north of the Bethnal Green Road junction; Vallance Road opposite Underwood Road; Burslem Street between the recycling bins; and Brownfield Street next to number 107.

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Nuisance car removed

A car parked in Pundersons Gardens which members of the public have complained has been involved in drug dealing has been removed as it had no tax or insurance.

THEOs seize 20 nitrous oxide canisters

On Friday 17 February, our Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers were asked by police to respond to a large party in the Ocean Estate. THEOs seized 15 nitrous oxide canisters, issued a fine and dispersed the party. The group had another 5 NOX canisters confiscated in Duckett Street, Stepney, after gathering there. They were moved on.

Successful joint patrol with police

Our Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers joined police on 30 January to patrol in Bethnal Green West. They searched 4 people for drugs, gave 4 ASB warnings, reported 2 abandoned vehicles, referred individuals to homeless outreach and substance misuse help, and much more. They received great feedback from members of the public.

Community help crack down on drug dealing near school

Our safer communities officers received reports from parents at a recent community safety session at a school about constant drug dealing on Cheshire Street. Police visited the area and found drugs in a key safe. This is a great example of our officers and the police acting on intelligence received from residents.